We are seeking the very best native English-speaking instructors available, with an enthusiastic international outlook towards teaching great students at optional locations throughout Japan.  If this appeals to you, please consider applying your much-needed experience working in our company as a contract instructor.  It is imperative that the instructors that we select reside in Japan.

Thousands of students are searching for their own private English teacher every month.  We are currently seeking to address this issue.

Lessons can be arranged goptionallyh to be held at any location that is mutually convenience for the student and the teacher such as:

(A). The Teacherfs Home, (B).The Studentfs Home, or  (C). A Cafe.

We feel that this forum provides the best setting for a nourishing and educational environment, while providing relaxation and learning .

Our office is located in Ikebukuro and is opened from 9am until 5pm.  We welcome every qualified candidate with the talent and skills necessary to have a great time while teaching English.  We graciously extend our open invitation for you to make contact with us at your earliest convenience.


Everywhere In JAPAN


Any Cafe or Place of Choice

Teacher's home / office

Student's home / office

Each Lesson is 60minutes or (Depending On Teacher's Availability

(Taxes are non-applicable)

Your Fees will be paid directly to you by each student after the completion of each lesson. 
Other arrangements are available.


Interested applicants are to forward the following information to us at your earliest convenience:

O     Teaching Credentials --  Degree, Transcript, and any Certifications that are currently cited in your personal profile.

O     Immediately after receiving your materials we will contact you.

Office Fax:  03-5954-1423 

Office Email: info@1star.biz

Office Phone: (035) 954-1520


The students will call us to setup an appointment or will receive an application form at the office.

O     We then determine the studentfs current level of English comprehension.

O     Next we determine the studentfs objective level of English comprehension desired.

O     Next we determine how the student desires to utilize English in the future.

O     Finally we will evaluate the studentfs needs, desires and current skills, matching studentfs requirements with available teachers.


Once a Teacher / Student match is agreed upon, STAR staff will introduce the student to the instructor at the free trial lesson and be present during the lesson to ensure that the lesson is a mutually comfortable and relaxed experience for both the student and the instructor.

Once there is a Student / Instructor agreement, we arrange a meeting with both the student and instructor present in which the instructor will give a 15 to 20 minute free trial lesson. (Please check the student's English comprehension skill level, using the English Level Check Sheet) It is necessary to have chosen a textbook deemed suitable for the student.. If the student selects you as his or her teacher, and the textbook was found to be unsuitable, please choose a more appropriate one before lessons commence.

After the trial lesson has been successfully completed ( if both the teacher and student agree to become a study team), the teacher will then arrange lesson time with the student.  They will then both mutually agree on a location for their first meeting.

The Teachers Fee will be paid directly by the student following each lesson.

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